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New and used Player Grand Pianos. Best price guarantee

A Player grand piano is a true eyecatcher and creates a pleasant ambiance with it’s warm sounds. Pianometropool always provides a suitable solution for any situation or application. On this page you will find our current offer of Player Grand Pianos (self playing grand pianos)

The filter option allows you to adjust the selection to your requirements and requirements. Of course, you can always contact us with questions and the right advice.

Player Grand Pianos

Pianometropool BV – Specialist in the field of self-playing instruments …

Are you looking for a Player Grand Piano like the famous Pianodisc or Disklavier system? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been a specialiist in the installation and adjustment of these systems for over the past 15 years. Our technical specialist has followed his internship in Germany and Korea and is now one of the best in this field. We are therefore proud that a large part of the disc Grand Pianos have been delivered by Pianometropool in the Netherlands and abroad. Of course, we keep our knowlegde up to date.  The new generation of disk systems are powered by Apple software and is easy to control with your I-Pad or I-phone!

The Brands We Provide: Yamaha Disklavier © QRS Pianomation & Pianodisc ©

Pianodisc & Disclavier, your self-playing Grand Piano …

Questions & Answers

Does an automatic Grand Piano play just as beautifully as a real pianist?
Yes, the Pianodisc system plays extremely accurately and can play very softly (and very loudly). Even the lightest touch of the key is recorded.

How much time does it take to install a Pianodisc system?
Our specialist is working on the installation for about 1 week.

Is installing a Pianodisc system harmful to my instrument?
No. The slot we need to make, so that the electromagnetic characters can hit the keys, is very small and does not affect the sound or stability of your instrument.

Can the system be built at my home?
No. Your instrument will be picked up and transported to our shop. After the system has been built and fully tested, the Grand Piano can be restored.

Can I also build a self-playing system in my piano, or can this only be done in a Grand Piano?
Certainly, depending on the size of your piano, we can simply install the system. Note that the Sync a Vision system is not possible on a upright piano as there is no room for the LCD desktop.

How can I buy new music?
Nowadays, you can easily download the music via a special program. Are you looking for a particular CD? Within minutes, you can download it easily (and advantageously) from the internet. Of course, you can also order new CDs with us. We will then send these to you.

Is there a lot of music available, and what genres?
There are currently hundreds of titles available. Both classic and popular CDs. With or without guidance. The system works with Itunes, so you can control it with your I-Phone or I-pad.  We have recently demonstrated this at Business Class on RTL7

What does a Pianodisc system cost?
This depends entirely on which type of system you choose, with or without screen, with or without Video function etc. We can offer a Pianodisc system (excluding transport costs of your instrument) including implementation in your instrument for € 8.500, – incl. VAT

Piano Stool Pianodisc IQ System + Ipad Video

Pianometropool Pianodisc Sync-a-Vision systeem