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Orla Grand 500 – Pakket aanbieding


Pianometropool offers this new Orla Grand 500 – Digital Grand Piano in Black High gloss – with best price guarantee. Delivery from stock or within 5-11 business days (if in order)

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Orla Grand 500 digital grand piano

Who does not want a beautiful (small) grand piano in the interior now?
Orla is a well-known Italian digital piano and organ builder that is known for its high price quality ratio.
This new model really has everything you can expect from a digital grand piano:
A FATAR-weighted keyboard, beautiful built-in speakers, rhythm guidance, Bluetooth, Built-in songs to play with, etc. etc.
In addition, it has been designed in a beautiful wardrobe with modest dimensions that will fit anywhere.

Sound Source:High Resolution Sampled Sounds
Keyboard:88 Graded Hammer Action – FATAR TP40 GH Keyboard
Display:2 Lines Back Lit Display
Polyphony:128 Notes Max
DEMO:20 Demo Songs
SOUND SELECT:GRAND PIANO button, 10 Sound Groups: Piano, Organ, Guitar&Bass, Strings&Vocals, Brass&Woodwinds, Synth&Keys, Accordions, World, Drum&Percussions, Favourites.
MAIN Sound Section:362 sounds, 10 Drum Kit, Reverb, Chorus, Octave , Volume
DUAL Sound Section:362 sounds, 10 Drum Kit, Reverb, Chorus, Octave , Volume
LEFT Sound Section:362 sounds, 10 Drum Kit, Reverb, Chorus, Octave , Volume
Data Controls:Master Volume, Bass/Treble Control, Data Buttons and Data Wheel, PIANIST, Transpose/Pitch, Touch Control, Reverb, Chorus, Memory Bank, Layer, Left, Function, Enter
Memory Bank:54 User Programs – 6 Banks of 9 programs
Pedals:3 Pedals: Soft – Sostenuto – Sustain (with Half Pedal)
STYLE SELECT:11 Style Group: Pop&Rock, Country, Standards, Latin 1, Latin 2, Jazz&Blues, Ballads, Ballroom, Dance, World, Favourites.
Rhythm Orchestra:350 Styles – 2 Variations, Auto Accomp On/Off, Auto Set Up, Tap Tempo , Intro/Ending, Fill 1/2, Sinchro & Key Start,
Start/Stop, Metronome, Drum Volume, Auto Accomp. Volume, Full Keyboard.
Auto Set Up:350 Auto Set Up Registrations
USB Disk Recorder:Easy Recording Track 1 & Track 2, Multi Recording
Bluetooth:Option for Bluetooth Audio connection
Effects:Reverb: 8 Types, Chorus: 8 Types
Tuning:Transpose, Pitch
Dynamic:On/Off, 3 selectable curves (Fixed Touch programmable)
Midi:Midi Out: 16 canali, USB Midi In, Local Midi.
Connections:USB disk connection for data storage and play back, USB to Computer (Audio/Midi), Midi Out connector, Stereo Output, Stereo Input, Input Level Control
Headphone:2 Headphone Socket
Amplifier:Stereo Amplification, 8 Speakers – 2 Woofer, 4 Mid range, 2 Tweeters – Power 80W

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Living room model


Built-in speakers

Rhythm guide/arranger



Recording function

Microphone connection

Ivory feel